PAH! Is an expression in Jamaican Sign Language (JSL) used for finally achieving success. This expression is the epitome of the lives of the PAH! team husband and wife, Kamar and Stephanie Groves.

Through the PAH! services, JSL courses level 1 & 2, JSL tutoring, Interpreting and Advocacy, they celebrate success in narrowing that gap between the hearing world and the Deaf world and finally creating an invaluable “hands on” access to Deaf Culture and the Jamaican Deaf Community.

At PAH!, we believe strongly that success is a journey and our purpose is not limited to provision of services and marking our accomplishments but also in the inspiration of others to become more inclusive.

Pah 48

About our team

Kamar and Stephanie Groves have been teaching Jamaican Sign Language for 23 years collectively.

What we do

  • Training: We offer Level 1 and 2 courses as well as exclusive customized packages for individual tutoring, groups and companies.
  • Interpreting: We offer interpretation services for events of all types.
  • Sensitization: We offer sensitization sessions for those looking to learn JSL, or study and work with the Deaf.

Courses for...


If you love languages or just want to be able to communicate with the Deaf, we can get your conversational skills up and running. Great if you regularly work with or encounter Deaf people.


The Deaf need medical care and we help the health sector learn to communicate with their Deaf patients. Nurses, doctors and administrators can all benefit from basic JSL skills.


Our courts need to adapt and we have been working with court personnel across Jamaica to build skills in JSL so that all our citizens can have fair proceedings.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives are the face of your organisation. We will work with yours to ensure they can adequately serve your Deaf customers.

Hearing persons
Hard of Hearing persons


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Learn an exciting new language and make yourself more marketable while making our world more inclusive!

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