Our Method

JSL History

We make sure our students understand how JSL developed and how its use has evolved in Jamaica.

Deaf Culture

We encourage all our students to truly understand Deaf culture as they seek to become a part of it.

JSL Signs

Of course, we ensure that our students develop a vocabulary of JSL signs and grammar.

Voice Off

We encourage students not to use their voice while learning to sign. Students are immersed in the culture and language by signing as much as possible from the 1st day of class (yes from DAY 1) and if they don't know the sign..they spell the word!

Learn by Seeing

Students learn to use their eyes to understand signs and replicate them.

Field Trips

The only way to learn a language is to use it, so our students interact with Deaf people and attend Deaf events.

Live Classes

Our courses all involve interactive live group classes delivered by our paired instructors.

Printed Workbook

Students are provided with a printed reference for the classes that includes most of the topics and vocabulary covered.

Full DVD

We provide a full DVD featuring visual demonstrations of the vocabulary covered in the course.

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