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Jamaican Sign Language Interpreting

Having an event and in need of an interpreter? Contact PAH! for excellent, reliable JSL interpreting for public and private functions.

We provide this service at conferences, staff meetings, trainings, classes and private functions as well as any event upon request. 

We also offer Deaf Relay interpretation for persons who have hearing loss and limited sign language. Through a Deaf Relay interpreter, the deaf person is able to communicate through their relay and the relay will translate this into Jamaican sign Language for the Hearing interpreter to voice and vice versa.

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Jamaican Deaf Culture Sensitization

Jamaican Deaf culture is a beautiful and unique sub-culture within our beautiful island Jamaica. We have approximately 5,000 culturally Deaf persons living in Jamaica. 

If you are thinking about learning Sign Language or studying and working with persons with disabilities, it is imperative that there is an understanding of Deaf Culture . In looking at creating inclusiveness PAH! encourages understanding of this subculture so that we can narrow the communication gap by having a basic understanding of the Deaf.

We offer Jamaican Deaf Culture Sensitization sessions, workshops and presentations to interested individuals, private and public entities as well as internationally.

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Jamaican Sign Language Tutoring

Not comfortable with class setting? Or learned sign language some time ago and need revision sessions without the class setting?

We also provide one-on one tutoring for persons who feel they need a structured individual attention in learning Jamaican Sign Language.

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Learn an exciting new language and make yourself more marketable while making our world more inclusive!

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